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Confidence & Self-esteem

Low self esteem is
 a crippling situation to be in and can damage you so that you fail to 
ever feel truly happy or content in life. More info

Hypnoanalysis , Regression and Pain

Hypnoanalysis , Regression and Pain

If you have had a traumatic or emotional experience many years ago you might have a memory More info

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

At some point in our lives we all suffer from anxiety but for some people  the anxiety becomes crippling and can lead to panic attacks. More info

Weight Management

Weight Management

The simple truth is that diets do not work. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more but why is it that whenever I have tried to lose a few pounds all I can think about is food.  More info

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Ask yourself the following questions?
Do you smoke because you feel stressed and believe the cigarette helps to calm you down? Or maybe you smoke because you find you can concentrate better? 
What about your first time? More info



People are really good at developing Phobias which are an ‘intense state of fear’. In reality the object of fear may be relatively harmless but if it is interfering with your daily life then it really is time to get some help.  More info


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Tina Tilmouth

M.Sc., B.Ed, RGN,(retired) Advanced Dip.IHP, Master NLP, Diploma in Counselling . Essential Supervision skills.

Having spent thirty years in education and nursing I now work
exclusively as a writer and Hypnotherapist.Having just completed the essential supervision skills course ( BPS Approved) I can now offer supervision to counsellors and hypnotherapists.
As a qualified teacher and manager I have been involved in all sectors
of education most recently teaching undergraduates in Health and Social

I have completed my Master of Science degree in Nursing and took
further post graduate study in education and therapy


Contract Learning (1990)
Safe Handling of Medicines- (2004) Network Publishing
NVQ in Health and Social Care level 4  (2005)Network Publishing
NVQ Registered Managers Award (2005)  Network Publishing
Contributing to the Care Setting Level (2005) Cable education
Tilmouth, T  and Tilmouth S.(2009)Safe and Clean care .Infection
Control and Prevention for Health Care Students Reflect press. Exeter

Tilmouth T , Davies-Ward, E and Williams,B (2011) Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care
Tilmouth, T Quallington,J (2012) Level Five Diploma in Leadership for Adults and Children and young people ‘s service
Hodder and Stoughton London
Tilmouth T and Pavord E (2013) Mental Health Care -A Care Worker Handbook London Hodder Education

simon pic

Simon Tilmouth

Simon Tilmouth BSc Hons, PGCE, Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Certificate in Counselling.

After a career in industry Simon has spent 20 years as an inspirational teacher, leader and manager in post 16 education.  His subject area is the biological sciences and he has taught A level Biology and Human Biology and Foundation Degree in Health Sciences in the South East and West Midlands.  Simon’s particular interests include the treatment of depression, anxiety and lack of confidence.


Price is on application for all the therapies listed.

For weight loss therapy – group sessions can be arranged and prices will be reduced depending upon size of group.
Gastric Band - Intensive 2.5 hour session is £250.
Smoking cessation - £200 (two hour session)
Payment is made in advance except for Personal Therapy where payment is made at the end of each session.
We accept Cash or Cheque with card only


Therapeutic Approaches

At our first session or during the telephone conversation we will spend a little time discussing the best approaches we can use for your needs. CBT, NLP, Counselling and Hypnotherapy are useful for all sorts of problems and I usually like to use a combination of all . What you can be assured of is that we will work together to develop an approach with which you are comfortable and which will bring you the best results.

How long will it take?

Hypnotherapy and NLP – A therapy session usually lasts for 50 minutes to one hour once a week and the number of sessions it will take to successfully change depends upon the challenge we face together. At the end of our initial session you will have an idea of the amount of time it will take. Counselling and Psychotherapy – Sessions usually last for 50 minutes to one hour once per week as above. Coaching – Coaching is about taking control from the outset and we will look at what you need in terms of time at our first session when we can set goals and look at potential outcomes

Other issues i can help you with

Personal Therapy and Counselling for: Stress and Anxiety | Lack of Confidence | Performance Enhancement | Motivational Skills | Public Speaking | Test and Exam Nerves |Anger Management | Smoking Cessation |Weight Loss |Fears and Phobias | Unhelpful Habits | Pain Control | Bereavement     I offer Coaching and Workshops in: Leadership Skills |Motivation |Performance Enhancement |Negotiation Skills | Team Building | Assertiveness Training |Insomnia and Sleep Problems | Enuresis in Children | Help with Driving Test | Performance in Sport | Amnesiam |Loss ; Bereavement | Motivation | Relaxation | Relationships | Exam Nerves | Obsessive Compulsive Disorders | Trauma | Addictions | Depression
If your needs are not listed above please contact me to find out more about how I can help you…


Clinics are held in Ludlow and Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

  • Phone: Tina: 07792 617658 // Simon: 07791 417013
  • Email: info@essentialtherapyshrewsbury.com