Hypnoanalysis , Regression and Pain

If you have had a traumatic or emotional experience many years ago you might have a memory that could have been buried or suppressed.
This suppressed memory may lead to behaviour or feelings such as phobias, blushing, stress, or lack of confidence etc.

Hypnoanalysis can work very quickly and results can happen in as little as 4 sessions, meaning this type of therapy is not long term but very effective.

Pain is a warning of harm, that something is wrong and tells us we
 need to do something. How much we feel the pain may well be the result 
of how anxious we are and it is also possible that our minds can anticipate 
and imagine pain before we even experience it.
With guided imagery and direct 
suggestion under hypnosis you can expect to reduce your experience of 
pain. Self hypnosis using a pain scale can also be used so that you might 
control and reduce the pain to more comfortable levels.
Pain should be taken seriously and never treated as just ‘all in the 
mind’. I will always ask you to refer yourself to your GP to have them 
check the pain you are experiencing.