Weight Management

The simple truth is that diets do not work. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more but why is it that whenever I have tried to lose a few pounds all I can think about is food.  There is a nagging little voice in my head that tells me to eat and to think constantly about food. What happens?  I eat and constantly focus on food perhaps adding a pound or two in the process. Then I get down and say things like I’ll just start my diet after the weekend”, or  “I wish I could lose weight” Sound familiar?

If you feel that the time is right now to take control of your weight issues and to start to change, come and speak to me and we will set you on a path of weight loss and positive thinking.

With   6 -8 sessions using NLP, and Hypnotherapy you will be helped to lose weight and gain better health in the process. By completing the whole  programme  you will steadily lose as much weight as you need to because at session 4 you will need to lose four pounds before you can take session 5. I want you to commit to the process and your success very much depends upon you putting something into the programme. This continues at each subsequent session until you complete the course.

Other methods may also be used for you and we can discuss what you feel is going to be the most useful for you.

I also offer the Hypno Gastric Band technique and we can discuss this at your first session
I offer an intense programme of 2.5 hours but also a six session programme

Weight loss is tricky and there is unfortunately no magic solution. Hypnotherapy however, will help you to view food in a different way and this will help youto sustain weight loss at a healthy and regular pace.